repair & rentals


Overhaul $250.00 –

Full overhaul includes complete tear down to bare frame, cleaning and repacking all bearings with waterproof grease, re-installing and adjusting. Cleaning and lubing derailleurs, re-install and tune. Replace cables if needed. Assess and replace drive train components as needed. Minimal wheel truing included, severe truing at additional cost (tbd). All parts are at additional cost except cables, heavy frame cleaning also additional labor cost.

Tune up $98.00 –

Lube chain, lube cables, lube and tune derailleurs after cleaning. Safety check & check chain for wear. All components deemed to need replacement at additional cost plus labor cost. Heavy frame cleaning additional labor cost.

Wheel truing – truing cost starts $20.00

Flat repair - $20.00 plus parts, save $10.00 if wheel removed
Derailleur adjustments - $20.00 per derailleur.

Brake adjustments - $20.00

Prices subject to change